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Free to Roam

Life isn't about the number of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away, or so they say.

Although I agree with the above quotation, it fails to mention anything about the moments that fill you with life, the ones that allow you to breathe.

The moments when you allow yourself to let loose. The ones that make you forget about any stress, worries, or negativities. The moments where you are truly living in the moment. Moments of spontaneity. The ones that feel surreal. The kind that make you believe just for a second that you're in a movie, because such things can only take place in movies; there is no room for them in real life. True adventures. Adventures that make you smile and provide you with that unique sense of happiness that one rarely encounters. The kinds of moments that should fill each of our days, every moment. However, if you are able to experience it at all, you are quite fortunate.

Sometimes, a break from routine is exactly what you need.

Today, you inspired me.

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