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Midnight Cravings

Isn't it true that when we're down, we secretly hope that someone will magically take away all our pain and worries and somehow make everything better? Secretly because we'd all like to think that we have it all under control and help from others is utterly unnecessary. But an honest confession to ourselves could sometimes require us to dig deep into our past. It's only reasonable to assume that if someone once made you smile, they have the ability to do it again.

But if that's the case, how is one supposed to differentiate between just wanting someone to fill a void and actually wanting someone, that person, back in their lives? How do you know if you're just seeking comfort at that moment or something a bit more constant?

It's all in our heads. We can convince ourselves to go either way, but if we, ourselves, are leaning towards one side, doesn't that preference alone make the distinction?

Under what circumstances is it okay for us to cave into our desires and dive back into our past for just a few minutes? Is it a sign of weakness, something that could hinder us from moving forward, or just a friendly reminder we all need once in a while?

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