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The Little Things

Aren't the little things what make life worth living? Isn't it the little things that add beauty to our days? Not because it sounds good or that's what everyone says, but because it's true.

Simple i miss yous, big hugs, sincere compliments, and have a great day texts from your best friend. Something as minute as your mom randomly getting 5 big cans of Arizona just because she knows you like it or a friend going out of their way to come help you when you're in trouble. Moments like that are what make you realize why you have certain people in your life. They remind you why certain people are so incredibly important. Similarly, awkward encounters, nothing major, just shady vibes can make you re-evaluate certain people. Meanwhile, cute, interesting, different encounters can leave you with lasting impressions. Impressions that lead you wondering how that person is doing or still wanting to get to know them better weeks or even months later.

The little things people say are also the most memorable. I forget the important things but somehow manage to remember the little things people say. I always feel like a loser because I feel like there is no way any one else still remembers the conversations or comments that are so fresh in my memory.

Simple things like sitting at home watching movies all night or spending hours at Starbucks talking. Whether we realize it or not, it's the little things in life, the simple moments that make all the difference, even if they go unnoticed or unappreciated at times. They make it all worth it.


Return to sanity

I realize that I haven't updated in a while. I'm not sure if that's due to the lack of inspiration or the overwhelming abundance of things going on in my head.

I tend to go through phases in my life. I go through phases with my makeup. One day, I'm into eyeliner and the next day I'm all about eyeshadow. I go through phases with my jewelry. I'm either really into earrings or necklaces or rings. My recent phase has been my "me time". No, I'm not being anti-social. There is just so much that I want to change and so much that I want to do, and I guess I've been contemplating on how to achieve all of it.

I am a confident person, but I've been doubting myself a lot lately. I realize that this needs to change. I also tend to think too much. I need to stop thinking so much and just go for things. I'm taking the start of this next school year (starting Monday) as a new beginning. I have a lot I want to do this year. It's gonna be a busy year to say the least. But I'm ready for it, and not only ready, but excited. I will be trying new things, putting myself out of my comfort zone, and hopefully learning from it all and becoming a better person.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." -Neale Donald Walsch

Oh, another phase of mine has been making jewelry. It's on and off too. Last night, I got the urge to make a few necklaces randomly. Perhaps my lack of writing caused me to resort to some other form of expression.

One of the necklaces I made last night. Like it?