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Guilty As Charged

If loving fashion is a crime, I plead guilty.

To most people, it might seem like nothing less than crazy to think about outfits, clothes, and jewelry constantly. It is somewhat obsessive to sit in class thinking about what you are going to wear the next day instead of actually paying attention or thinking about which top will go best with the cute little skirt you just bought instead of listening to your best friend’s urgent story. Although this is what happens to me, even I have always found it crazy. Why the constant thoughts about something that many people do not even put any thought in to? And then I realized the importance of those perfect-fitting jeans or that little black dress.

When all else fails, when everything seems to be going wrong, when everyone seems to be letting you down, clothes do not. They do not change, and they are always there. They are a way to get noticed, a way to get attention. They give you that much-needed self-esteem boost. They give you confidence, and maybe even enough to go talk the cutie that has been catching your eye lately. When I am down, instead of bumming out, I wear a cute little dress, and somehow, it makes me feel just a tad bit better. Even if I may not be feeling good, at least I know that I am looking good. And the fact is, no matter where you are going or who you might be going with, you never know who you might run in to. Call it fate, destiny, or luck, but there is always something unexpected in store for us all. Since you never know who you could stumble upon, you might as well stumble looking your best. Everyone has something that makes them feel just a little bit better, and although it might seem insane, that is what clothes and accessories do for me. So I might fail my classes, because all I am really doing is trying to think of outfits for the rest of the week, but hey, at least I will fail looking good.

"Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves, and of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys, they'd just walk around naked at all times. " Betsey Johnson

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