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A Closed Heart

Everyone goes through tough times, some worst than others, but everyone handles things differently. After certain situations, events, or circumstances, some people still manage to see the best in others and expect the best, regardless of what they have been through in the past. Meanwhile, others push everyone away and begin to expect the worst. Both have pros and cons, I suppose. Yes, it's always good to stay optimistic and hope for the best. However, there is a difference between optimism and plain stupidity. People are good and will never disappoint us. It's a good thought. Realistically speaking, there are people that will be out to hurt others, people that only think of themselves. But no matter how many of those you encounter and no matter what happens, you can't lose hope in all mankind. Don't push people away. Don't stop giving people chances. It wouldn't be fair to those who come in your life at a bad time. They could be the best people you might ever come across. Don't close your heart.

I'm speaking from experience. I think that's what I've done. It took me a while to realize this, but I have shut people out, eliminating the slight chance that they could hurt me. I've realized that no matter what you do to protect yourself, those efforts themselves will end up hurting you, just a different kind of hurt, a different pain. Alienating yourself won't do you any good either. If anything, you'll just miss out on the good stuff. So although the people that are considered stupid or naive might get hurt, I envy their ability to open themselves up to new people and situations with no hesitation. Time to open up the heart again. It's a risk I'm willing to take.

Let life happen to you. Isn't the point to enjoy everyone moment?

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