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Back on Defense

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. There are certain things we excel at, whether it's a sport, an activity or simply a characteristic which shines just a little bit brighter than the rest. Similarly, we all have our shortcomings, things that we could be just a little bit better at. It might even be a person. This is natural, normal and expected. But what happens when your strength is the same as your weakness? What if the remarkable characteristic that distinguishes you from the crowd is the very reason for your downfall?

How is it that the very thing you love can transform into the thing you begin to despise? Is it a matter of allotment? Perhaps, we can only tolerate things within limitations, good or bad. After all, it doesn't take long for too much of anything good to turn bad. We begin to take the good for granted. We forget that things could be worse. We forget to appreciate.

However, is it fair to expect yourself or another to restrain, to obstruct themselves? Who is to determine the fine line between good and bad or between too much or too little? And even if someone is willing to hold themselves back and give you what you want, it's simply unfair to ask someone to hold their thoughts back, to hold their abilities back and ultimately, to hold themselves back.

Perhaps, these extremes are necessary in order for us to determine what it is that we seek. Everything seems tolerable within limits, but having to ability to bear something in an extreme can be a struggle. Maybe, life just likes to challenge us with severe versions and cases of the things we chase in order for us to ensure our desires. Many things seem attractive on paper, perhaps due to the direct opposition to the things we dislike or are used to or maybe it's simply the overall idea of it, but experiencing them can lead to a completely different view.

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