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A Few Words of Love from One Man

We’re all fighting our own battles. While some are tougher than others, there is always some sort of struggle, no matter how big or small. Sometimes, it can just be a struggle to get up in the morning and put that smile on. Sometimes, it can be a struggle to get through the day. Sometimes, it can be a struggle to find a moment of peace.

"Where there is no struggle, there is no strength."

Despite the various struggles, we encounter countless people throughout our lives. Some remain mere strangers that we exchange smiles with, others become acquaintances that we exchange casual words with and a select few find their way so deep into our hearts that we end up exchanging a part of our lives, a part of our struggles, a part of ourselves.

When we find ourselves constantly fighting our own battles, what is it that makes us fight for others? How are we able to forget our own struggles, even briefly, in order to fight for someone else? When do someone else’s struggles become more important than our own? How do those select few make their way so deep within our hearts?

Perhaps, we all have that nauseatingly soft side that wants to see the ones we care about happy. Maybe, it’s just nice to have something to distract ourselves from our own problems. And for certain people, we just want to be that person. The person that can make a difference, the person that they can go to, and most importantly, the person that can miraculously heal all of their wounds.  Or maybe, we’re just secretly hoping that they would be willing to do the same for us.

But, what if they don’t? What if the person that you would be willing to go out of your way for doesn’t seem to be willing to reciprocate your actions? Well, that’s probably one of the worst feelings, and there’s no way around it. At first, you may attempt to make excuses for the person. You try your best to use all rationale to defend their actions or lack thereof. And after a while, you’ll probably run out of excuses and be forced to face the facts.

The truth is, these actions, or lack thereof, can be hurtful. However, it’s also true that the urgency to help someone, share with them or stick by their side is not something that can be forced. It’s either there or it’s not, and it’s not something you can hold against someone. Another truth is that just because someone doesn’t care for you the way you want them to or isn’t able to show that they care, doesn’t mean that they don’t.

"Whenever you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster, just find the person who makes the bumps a little smoother, the curves a little straighter and the free falls a little less scary."

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