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Perfection is a Flaw

As I was trying to find the right beads to make jewelry, I realized that it's the flawed ones that I'm more attracted to. The ones that are a bit damaged, those are the ones that are truly unique.

Isn't that how people are too? Not that anyone is perfect, but just the thought of a perfect person annoys me. Perfection is boring. It's frustrating. Just like the beads, our flaws are what make us unique. They make us lovable, approachable. Everyone just needs to accept themselves, for what they are, the good and the bad. Only then can we expect to be accepted by others.

People try to hide their imperfections in order to blend in, to be "normal", to be accepted, to be like everyone else out there.I hate seeing people pretending to be something else just for others. Hate is a strong word, I know. And it's also true that we all strive for acceptance, but is the acceptance really worth it if you can't even be yourself? And if everyone was perfect, we would all be the same. What's the fun in that?

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must be unique."

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  1. You always seem to amaze me :)