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A Little Extra

What is it that makes someone extraordinary? Everyone has something they're good at, something that they're a little bit better at than others. Yet, not everyone has that visible spark that shines despite the circumstances. I believe that some some talents are blessings from God. It's apparent when someone is born to do something, and that kind of talent cannot be ignored. However, there are also talents that are nurtured, talents that are improved with time and dedication.

It all comes down to courage, the courage to pursue something, the courage to truly dedicate yourself to something. It takes faith in yourself. The ability to take risks rather than conforming to the norm, acting on impulse in order to fully acknowledge your instincts.

I have been blessed to witness numerous transformations that have left others in awe. It's wonderful to acknowledge potential in others and to see them succeed. However, it's not enough to witness others. At some point, that inspiration should be merged into your own life.

Far too often, we see others climb heights, yet not many believe that they have the ability to reach similar, if not greater, heights. While it's true that some are blessed with more favorable circumstances, it is our own dedication and hard work that shapes our destiny. Luck can only take you so far.

It's not always what you have but what you choose to do with it, how you let it affect you, that makes all the difference.

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