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An Arch to Build Upon

We're all afraid of something, and knowingly or unknowingly, we try to compensate for it with something else. We direct our attention elsewhere, focus on other things. We attempt to accommodate with other distractions. But the truth is, none of those distractions can be permanent.

But then again, I'm the kind of person that tends to see the cup half full. So, "when one door closes, another opens". I like to think of it as when one door closes, a thousand others open. Opportunities are everywhere, and they're endless; it's just a matter of capturing them.

When we become comfortable, it makes it even more difficult to let go of the ease and attempt for something greater. After all, isn't that what life is all about? As terrifying as it can be to let go of the familiar for the mere possibility of some thing more, we're supposed to continue to grow, learn, experience. We're supposed to accomplish things larger, better, greater than the ones before. It's what we strive for, what we live for.

"You can't climb to the top if you don't start at the bottom."

Ironically enough, I found my dream internship right after I composed this blog post about opportunities. What are the odds? Please take a minute to vote for me:

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