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Wrecking and Ruining

As people, we're always evolving. They say that life isn't about finding yourself, but rather creating yourself. But what happens when you start losing sight of yourself?

You know who you are. You know your desires, passions, hopes and dreams, likes and dislikes. You know yourself. Yet, your decisions are no longer a reflection of your personality. When your actions no longer reflect your values and beliefs. When you lose connection with the people and things that once mattered most. When you just don't feel the way you once did. Yet you continue to fulfill your daily responsibilities, so you fail to see it happening.

It's almost like walking around broken, living life halfway, yet no one can see it. Only the closest dear ones can sense the change, yet only you can fix it.

Such drastic changes usually occur after a traumatizing event. But what if it suddenly catches up to you years later? Could it have been the stress of everything? Or rather the pressure of always holding it together? Perhaps it was the unresolved issues from the past resurfacing.

Either way, change is necessary. Here's to returning priority to the people and things that matter and avoiding the harmful.

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