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Miles to Go

There is always going to be something we're not quite sure of, some kind of doubt, some insecurity. What, or who, gets us past these are the people and things we know we can always count on. Whether it's your best friend, family, faith, or even a hobby, we all have something to turn to. What happens when you find that you are no longer able to count on them?

What happens when you realize that the people, places, things, and activities that once brought slight peace and happiness no longer do. Instead, you find yourself irritated and annoyed because things simply don't feel right. Nothing feels right. Are we just supposed to wander aimlessly until we finally find something that provides us with a glimpse of the same comfort that we're used to? Or do we force ourselves to love the newly found discomfort because we don't know who/what else to turn to?

As much as I'd like to blame the whole rest of the world, it's perhaps more rational that it's something I'm going through and not everyone else. Perhaps a phase that is leading to a new transformation?

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