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No Truth, Only Perception

Self sabotage. How many of us are guilty? I know I am. When things are going too well, perfect even, we look for something to go wrong. If nothing seems wrong, our paranoia leads us to believe there is wrong in all the right places. Which eventually leads to self-destruction just so we can have the satisfaction of telling ourselves, "I knew it was too good to be true." It's sad that people don't feel that they deserve it when things go well. At the same time, we bitch and complain when things are not so perfect.

I feel that self-sabotage stems from atelophobia: the fear of imperfection, of not being enough.

Many of us don't reach our full potential either because we don't believe that we can or we don't feel that we deserve to. Most of us tend to live in denial. Some act like they don't want something due to the fear that they won't find it, won't get there. Others live in denial where they believe that what they have is the best and that they are perfectly happy. And the rest know that they deserve better but still settle because they don't think they will find better.

The problem is our self-perception. Most of us tend to see ourselves through the eyes of others' and compare ourselves to others. This leads us to have inaccurate perceptions of ourselves, the people we think we are. Simultaneously, we all have a perception of who we want to be, our ideal selves. Instead of striving to reach our potential and become the ideal versions of ourselves, we self-sabotage and let the gap between who we think we are and who we want to be grow. The greater the divergence between the two, the more wounded and dysfunctional we become.

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  1. WoW, this hit the spot. It feels like you were speaking directly to me. I loved everything about & more! The way you connect/relate to today's generation is remarkable & I can't wait to hear more!!!

    Jamila <3